Why Us

Unlike our competition, Pitchit is staffed by experienced entrepreneurs with over three decades of investment management and fundraising experience.

Our team has created complex investment documents for companies across a broad range of industries.

So you can be confident that:

  • We are able to understand your market and business objectives in detail


  • We know what investors want / need


  • Our standards are high. Really high.
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Our Values

For companies looking to secure funding or acquire more customers, PitchIt produces documents that maximise their chance of success.  Unlike the alternative ways of producing a document (the pain of in-house or freelance) you have access to a specialist, experienced team dedicated to optimising your message.

Our Process


Getting to know your business and the needs of your potential funders and customers.


Developing the key messages that form the cornerstone of your pitch document and crafting those messages into copy that flows.


Fashioning a look and feel that elevates your pitch.


Pitchit uses Basecamp

(here’s a short video from Basecamp that explains why)

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